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By on October 19th, 2015

When you buy a new home, you are all excited to decorate it the way you have always dreamt. In this process, you buy things that will add a shade of style and persona to your home interior. But hey! Have you ever thought that not everything you buy is required for your home? How much ever you try, you buy things that end up either in the closet or as a ‘misfit’ in the interior. But don’t you worry. We are here to help you with some useful tips of home space management.

Understand Your Home

It’s very important that you are aware of the exact free space that is available for you to beautify your interior. A lot of empty space can may come across as a lot of wasted space while a small area will give you very little space to beautify.

Empty Space

Courtesy – dezeen.com

Baskets are the Solution

One too many things in the room may make it look clumsy. To avoid this, use baskets that not only stores things easily but can also be shifted under your box bed. Baskets can hold things like shoes, tools, newspapers quite easily.

img24o (1)

Multistorey Beds

We all know how mischievous kids are. If you have kids at home and they too are constantly on a mission to create a mess in the bedroom, then multistorey beds are the perfect choice for you. It will not only make the room look spacious but will also help you dump all the mess on the upper storey of the bed, thus helping you to make the room sorted and clean.

Bunk Beds

courtesy – furnitogo.com

It’s the Age of Storage

While you may struggle keeping things at their rightful places, using storage items will be more than a helping hand for you. Dish and plate holders, hangers, door hooks and many such items not only hold a lot of things with them but also occupy minimal space in the room. The best thing – you can conveniently hide them behind the door or under the shelf. Truly convenient, isn’t it?

Kitchen Storage

courtesy – doitandhow.com

Just Do It Yourself

Nobody knows your home better than you. The way you understand your requirements, who else knows better to find a solution to your space woes than you? So why not do it yourself? Create compartments from the unused cardboard boxes and use them to store socks, handkerchiefs, or even toiletries. Give your DIY crafts some creative finish to add a zing of creativity. What more? It will also earn you some kudos for your creative persona.

With the above mentioned tips, we are sure you are no more worried about how to manage the available space in your home. Make the best of what’s at your disposal and make your home a place to be at with a creative soul.





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