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Indian homes welcome NRIs

By on December 14th, 2015

With the Indian economy finally coming of age to take its rightful place in the world, the NRIs also get the opportunity to get a place in their homeland. The real estate sector of India is at its promising best as it takes giant strides in achieving the ‘Home for All’ vision of its government. This movement of rebuilding India has led to a growth of fine properties all across the country with apt amenities to compliment it. Where the residents are making the most of this boom, this initiative has also opened a window of great investment opportunities for the NRIs with definite benefits to reap in the long term.

Also according to a recent survey conducted by Economic Times, it has been observed that Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai are the most favoured cities by NRIs for investment in housing.


Dollar Appreciation

The recent devaluation of Rupee and the strong growth of Dollar over the last year (from Rs. 62 per dollar in January to nearly Rs. 67 per Dollar in December) creates an opportune time for the NRIs to invest in properties with great potential from across the country. And with less stress on the pockets, Indians living abroad can buy the best for less and stand in line for visible returns.


Classy homes and homes for every class

To entertain the needs of different demography, the leading players have smartly bifurcated properties into different sections providing a vast range of affordable, luxury and investment friendly homes. Hence interested buyers with all kinds of budgets are welcome.


All the above factors are indicators of the positive real estate scenario in the country, thus attracting NRIs from all parts of the world to buy a piece of their homeland.



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