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Get ready to live the Spanish way!

By on January 26th, 2016

We all look forward to extended weekends where we can go on a small family trip, unwind ourselves from the daily stress, share some fun time with our near and dear ones and come back re-energized. However, have we ever thought how much time and energy we invest in planning these short trips?

La Montana

La Montana

It’s time to pack all your worries now. Tata Value Homes presents LA MONTANA, a new way of residential lifestyle with Spanish styled homes. Located at Talegaon near Pune, the property is located at a striking proximity to the serene nature and only few kilometers away from major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

LA MONTANA provides the wonderful experience of the Spanish lifestyle with latest amenities and features. Since the location is not too far away, you wouldn’t be tired by the journey, thus making your weekend trip full of fun and memories. Besides this, you will be saving thousands of rupees on hotel booking and last minute ticket reservations too.

Grab this opportunity by Tata Value Homes and spend your holidays the Spanish way.



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