Smart Cities

Smart Cities on the rise.

By on February 19th, 2016

Friends, did you know that foreign investors are looking to invest in smart cities in India? The fact that smart cities have better water and energy management system, is the main reason why they are so eager to invest in Smart Cities in India.


Since smart cities are expected to house a majority of the workforce, thanks to India’s industrial and manufacturing initiatives, making these investors ready to invest in leaps and bounds.
It doesn’t come as a surprise to know that some players are ready to invest 7-8% of their global revenue in India. Some of these investors, are even certain on doubling their India revenue to Rs 800 crore by 2020 through smart cities. Hence, they are collaborating with civic officials to make these projects more efficient for our betterment and helping India grow to a large extent. By all this we can safely say that Smart Cities seem like the beginning of a bright future for the country. So, are you ready to take the smart road?



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