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Customer Reviews

Devarchana Bir

The team is very friendly and flexible. They will cater to all your needs and are very patient in answering all the queries.

Mita Bhadra & Gautam Bhadra

We appreciate your professional approach. Supported by entire team, online support. Sales persons at site office were co-operative. Got product confidence.

Anuj Tiwari & Avantika Tiwari

Anuj Tiwari & Avantika Tiwari

Very delighted to have our first home in Bangalore. Apart from other factors such as VFM and green-and-serene surroundings, what lured us most was the eye for miniscule details by TATA.

Shashank EK

Shashank EK

We had a pretty great experience from the time we visited the site. Sales Staff was very polite and explained well about the project. Their attitude made us think that Tata value homes is a professional organization and hence made us to go further with our decision. The model shown was outstanding and I am very thankful to Tata for providing us a home with such great amenities.

SS Karanth

SS Karanth

Tata's always sound 'Trust' in INDIA. This has made me to choose the TATA's venture. The location is indeed very good for me as long as the place is connected either by road or metro, although it is at the periphery of Bangalore. I trust whatever they have said in their brochure and I have no qualms and therefore went for 2 units! Experience of dealing with TATA Value homes (Mr. Arjun Chalana) was very pleasant and the transactions has been very transparent and hope to get my flats in July 2016. Mr. Arjun has been very cooperative in giving advice wherever necessary and excellent in his understating of human nature which is indeed a asset to a marketing person. I am very happy that I have taken correct decision in opting for TATA housing when there are plenty in the market.

Anindya Haldar

Really happy to be part of New Haven. So far, it is a nice experience to deal with the professional Sales team of Tata Value Homes. Looking forward to the possession date.

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